April Town Board Meeting

Charleston Town Board
Electronic Meeting
Thursday – April 13, 2017
7 p.m. – Town Hall

        I.        Call to Order

         II.        Pledge of Allegiance & Opening Prayer

        III.        Meeting Minutes and Financial Approval for March

        IV.        Public Comment

         V.        Richard Hatch/ Wasatch Mental Health

        VI.        Consideration of Miller Annexation Petition 

      VII.        Public Hearing:  LaNotte Premise Occupation Permit 

     VIII.        Board Discussion on Premise and Home Occupation Permits

        IX.        Resolution #2017-08: Compensation for Service on the Heber Light & Power Board of Directors

         X.        Ordinance #2017-02: Establishment of a Capital Project Fund – Cemetery  

        XI.        Ordinance #2017-03: Establishment of a Capital Project Fund – 3000 S. Road Realignment Project

      XII.        Pasture Lease Bids – Mayor

     XIII.        Annexation Street Realignment & 3000 S. Hwy 189 Update

     IVX.        Bridge Inspection – Dave Hendricksen

      VX.        July 24th Celebration Official Date – Brenda Kozlowski

     XVI.        Staff Reports

   XVII.        Adjournment

General News

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